What is Freemasonry?

Many things have changed since we began recording our history almost 300 years ago. Our brotherhood has witnessed the age of Enlightenment, the birth of the telephone, the radio, the automobile, the air plane, television, the internet, and countless other changes to the way we live and interact with each other. The world has changed, but the core tenants of Freemasonry are as relevant today as they were on the day of their inception. Some would argue even more so. In a fast-paced age where technological innovation can rapidly outpace it’s moral and ethical implications, where faith is placed in trends over traditions, and when everything ‘new’ is made with the intention of planned obsolescence – Freemasonry stands as a lighthouse for preserving the essential values of truth, relief, and brotherly love.


Making good men better, for more than 300 years and counting.

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