Seneca Lodge #797 (Rochester)

St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 16 has had a relationship with Seneca Lodge in Rochester since 1914 and the 2 lodges have been visiting each other regularly since that time.  Although the lodges had enjoyed fraternal visits with each other for years a formal evening was planned for October 24, 1914.

What follows is a newspaper article from the Herald dated Sunday, October 25, 1914

“Seneca Lodge Entertains Visitors from Buffalo and Toronto Lodges”

“Members of Seneca Lodge, F. and A.M., last evening entertained as their guests, large delegations from the Lodges of the Ancient Landmarks 441 of Buffalo, and of St. Andrew’s Lodge 16 of Toronto, Ontario, and the occasion will long be remembered by the large number of Masons who completely filled the Ionic Room of the Masonic Temple.

Each of the visiting lodges has long enjoyed a reputation as being among the foremost in the craft, and for a number of years have enjoyed fraternal visits with each other. Their visit to Seneca Lodge was, therefore, doubly esteemed by the Rochester Masons, who turned out in large numbers to receive them.

Upon their arrival at 6:40 o’clock they were met by a reception committee from Seneca Lodge. More than 100 Masons sat down to dinner, which was served at 7.30 o’clock, after which the second degree was conferred in full form, with a special musical program followed by a reception to the visitors.

The Lodge of the Ancient Landmarks of which W. Bro. G. Barrett Rich, jr., is the master, was founded in 1858, and on its membership rolls have been the names of many of the most distinguished Masons of Buffalo.  It owns its own Masonic Building, said to be the finest owned by any individual lodge in the country, and containing one of the best pipe organs in any temple of its size.  It has furnished an unusually large number of officers in grand lodge and the higher Masonic bodies, and at the recent session of the supreme council, two of its recent past masters were elected to the 33d degree.

Among the distinguished visitors last evening were W. G. Barrett Rich, jr., Master of Landmarks Lodge; R. Wor. Harry L. Taylor, Past District Deputy; W. Bro. Eugene A. Wolff; W. Bro. J. Wright Beach, past Masters from Buffalo; R. W. Bro. G. Willard Rich, D.D.G.M.; R. W. Bro. Thomas G. Young, Grand Steward; R.W. Bro. John McKie; Grand Commander Mullan and the ruling masters of the city lodges.

St. Andrew’s Lodge was instituted in 1822, and is the oldest and most widely known lodge in the Toronto district. It was originally the military lodge of Ontario, being mostly composed of officers of the English army. In recent years it has been the Masonic home of leading educationalists of Toronto, and in its history of nearly 100 years, it has numbered on its rolls many famous soldiers of the empire, literary and public men. Among them were General William Inglis, renowned as the hero of the siege of Lucknow, and Sir Aemilius Irving, chief librarian of the Law Court of Canada, who died last year, aged more than 100 years, and was for 70 years a member of the Canadian regiments now at the front.

Distinguished Canadian Masons

Among the distinguished Canadians present last evening were W Bro. Harry C. Montgomery, the present master, who also occupies a high position in the Grand Priory of Knights Templar of Canada; R.W. William Carr Wilkinson, W. Bro. James Robinson Bulmer, W. Bro. Edward Youle Spurr, past masters, and John D. Keachie, for many years the efficient secretary of the lodge.

Seneca Lodge is the youngest of the Rochester lodges, its institution last June being the first official duty of District Deputy Grand Master G. Willard Rich, who last evening was one of the distinguished guests of the lodge. It has a membership of 60, representing 32 different lodges. Its by-laws limit the total membership, also the total number that can be initiated in any one year, therefore the growth of the lodge, numerically, must be slow.

W. Bro. Ansel E. Beckwith is the present master and among those who have shown great interest in the formation of the lodge and have been elected as honorary past masters are R.W. Arthur Warren, R.W. Charles M. Colton, R.W. Ednor A. Marsh, R.W. Edward G. Brooks, W. Bro. John B. Mullan, Woe. Henry L. Marsh and W. Bro. Luther H. Miller.”